Compilation Albums FAQs

Submission & Selection Process

The submission process typically involves submitting your music and artist information through an online platform or email. Latin Central Records carefully reviews submissions and selects artists based on their talent, fit for the compilations' theme or genre, and potential for success.

Latin Central Records aims to review submissions in a timely manner, but the response time can vary depending on the volume of submissions. Generally, you can expect to hear back within a few weeks to a couple of months.

When you are approved for a Latin Central Records compilation album, you will need to provide certain information to ensure a smooth process. This will include your artist bio, high-resolution promotional photos, the audio files of the tracks to be featured, metadata such as song titles and credits, and any additional information or assets requested by Latin Central Records. When you work with us, we will provide you with everything we need from you. Providing comprehensive and accurate information will help Latin Central Records effectively showcase your music and promote your participation in the compilation.

Having your music in compilation albums can greatly increase your exposure as a musician. It allows you to reach new audiences and gain exposure that you may not have received otherwise. By featuring alongside other artists, you can attract new fans, expand your reach, and build your following. Latin Central Records aims to help talented musicians like you gain exposure, connect with industry professionals, and open doors to future collaborations, gigs, and other opportunities.

Please send 44.1kHz 16-bit audio files in WAVE format. You can conveniently send them through the Triptych Music Dropbox, and a link will be provided for you. You can also send the files via WETRANSFER | Google Drive or Hightail.


Being part of a Latin Central Records compilation album gives you the opportunity to experience extensive exposure and reach a wide-ranging audience. At Triptych Music, we employ a strategic and comprehensive approach to promote our compilation albums. Through digital marketing, social media campaigns, press releases, and collaborations, we maximize visibility for all participating artists.

Our efforts are designed to ensure that your music reaches the right ears. Leveraging our influential network, we generate buzz and interest, forging connections and cultivating a dedicated fan base. Joining a Latin Central Records compilation album provides you with a valuable platform to showcase your talent and expand your reach in the music industry.

Yes, Latin Central Records offers various support services for artists, which includes artist development, music distribution, licensing opportunities, marketing and promotion assistance, and access to our industry network. We are committed to helping artists grow their careers beyond the scope of compilation albums.

If Latin Central Records successfully secures a film or TV placement using your music as one of our compilation artists, it can yield substantial benefits for you as a musician. Being featured in a visual medium like film or TV can greatly enhance your visibility and attract a broader audience, opening doors to new fans and listeners who may not have discovered your music otherwise.

Additionally, these placements often come with synchronization royalties, providing a potential income stream for your music. It is important to discuss revenue sharing and licensing details with Latin Central Records for clarity and transparency.


Latin Central Records employs various strategies to promote the compilation albums effectively. This typically includes a combination of digital marketing, social media campaigns, targeted advertising, email newsletters, press releases, and collaborations with influential music platforms and publications. We leverage our network and expertise to create buzz and generate awareness about the compilation albums, aiming to reach a wide audience of music enthusiasts and potential fans. The promotional efforts are designed to maximize exposure for all artists involved, enhancing the visibility and impact of the compilation as a whole.

“High impact promotion for no marketing spend” refers to the benefits of being included in a compilation album. When Triptych Music promotes the compilation album, we will be actively marketing and promoting your music as part of the collective effort. This means that you can benefit from effective marketing and promotional activities without having to invest your own resources or budget into individual marketing campaigns.

Yes, Latin Central Records offers marketing and promotion services for artists beyond the compilation albums. However, it’s important to note that Latin Central Records takes the time to review your music and assess its potential for generating meaningful results that can contribute to growing your fan base and increasing your streaming income. We prioritize quality and impact, ensuring that the marketing efforts align with your artistic vision and goals. To explore marketing and promotion opportunities for your other music, you can discuss your specific needs and aspirations with Latin Central Records to determine the best strategies moving forward.


As an artist featured in Latin Central Record's compilation albums, you will receive 50% of the income stream generated from the tracks you have contributed. This means that you will earn a fair share of the royalties or other compensation generated through the sales, streams, and usage of the music included in the compilations.

We make payments according to your agreement. Australian labels or artists receive direct credit to their bank accounts, while other international clients are paid through PayPal or direct credit. Payments are made when your account has a credit balance of at least $200. If your account balance is below $200, funds will be held until the account reaches a credit of $200.

The accounting process for sales varies depending on the specific terms and agreements between Latin Central Records and the artist. It is recommended to review the terms and conditions or reach out to Latin Central Records directly to understand how they handle accounting for sales. This will ensure transparency and clarity regarding the royalties and income generated from the tracks featured in the compilation albums.

Latin Central Records accounts to artists every 6 months to maintain efficiency and accuracy in financial reporting and administration. Managing the compilation services involves a substantial administrative load, including processing royalties, tracking sales, and ensuring proper accounting for all artists involved. By conducting reporting and accounting procedures every 6 months, Latin Central Records can provide comprehensive and transparent reports via the Blue Pie Data reports console to keep artists informed about their earnings and track record.


Granting Latin Central Records non-exclusive publishing administration rights for the selected song in the compilation is essential for efficient management of licensing, distribution, and administration processes. By entrusting them with these rights, Latin Central Records can handle the complexities of music publishing on your behalf, ensuring proper licensing agreements, seamless distribution of the compilation album, and the necessary rights and permissions for your song’s inclusion. This allows you to focus on your artistry while benefiting from their expertise in securing royalties and fulfilling legal requirements. Granting non-exclusive rights does not restrict your ability to explore other publishing opportunities, providing you with flexibility in expanding your music career.

Yes, in most cases, you can release the same song on your personal album while it is included in a Latin Central Records compilation. However, it’s essential to review the terms and agreements with Latin Central Records to ensure there are no conflicts or restrictions related to simultaneous releases.

Yes, you retain the rights to your music even if it is selected for a Latin Central Records compilation album. Latin Central Records acquires specific rights for the compilations’ usage, but you maintain ownership and control over your original work.

If you wish to withdraw your music from a Latin Central Records compilation album, it’s important to communicate your decision to Latin Central Records as soon as possible. Depending on the circumstances, we will work with you to address your concerns and determine the best course of action.

Yes, you are free to sell your music online through any retailer of your choice.


Yes, you would have full creative control over the music videos you create. We are non-exclusive, allowing you to exercise your creative freedom and collaborate with anyone at any time.

No, you do not need. As a non-exclusive agreement, you have the freedom to create and release music videos as you wish, with full creative control.

Absolutely! You have complete freedom to host your videos on your own site. As a non-exclusive agreement, you have the autonomy to place your music anywhere you desire. We are here to monetise and protect your copyrights of course and focus primarily on marketing and promoting the Triptych compilation album or albums that you feature on.

This is a non-exclusive agreement, meaning you are free to pursue other music projects without any restrictions. While we hope you consider offering those projects to us for distribution and monetisation, they are not obligated to be covered by this agreement. Your other side projects and independent business ventures with your music remain unaffected by this agreement. You can always send us these for distribution if you wish.

Upon the agreement’s expiration, it automatically extends for another 36 months unless terminated. If you decide to terminate, we will only retain the rights to distribute the content or music you have submitted during the agreement term. Remember that this is a non-exclusive agreement, allowing you to work with whomever you wish at any time.

If you choose to terminate the agreement, both Blue Pie Productions and Triptych Music will retain the rights granted to them, including copyright, for compositions created prior to the termination date. All royalty payments specified in the agreement will still be made. After termination, you will have the freedom to collaborate with other labels or services. However, Triptych Music will continue to manage, report, and monetise any active relationships or contracts established during the agreement term.